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Three Commonly Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Health

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dental practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments that affect children. A pediatric dentist has to undergo additional training in areas such as child psychology in order to enable him or her to treat children with ease.

Oral health care for your young ones is different from yours. Here are answers to three commonly asked questions about children's oral health

What Is the Importance of Milk Teeth to My Child's Dental Health?

Many parents falsely believe that their children's milk teeth are not very important because they fall off eventually. This leads some parents to neglect their children's oral health.

Milk teeth, also known as primary teeth are important to your child's dental health in a number of ways. First, the milk teeth will help form the path that will be followed by permanent teeth when the time comes. They also help your child to chew foods naturally, and speak clearly.

Do Pacifiers Harm Children's Teeth?

There is no harm in letting your child use a pacifier, or even such his or her thumb. This is because the two sucking habits do not have any negative impact on your child's dental health.

The use of pacifiers will only be a problem if your child doesn't outgrow the habit. Should this be the case, your pediatric dentist can prescribe a mouth appliance to help the child overcome such a habit.

When Is It Okay For Your Child To Start Using Toothpaste?

There is no exact age at which your child should start using toothpaste. From the time your child is born, you can use a soft infant toothbrush to clean his or her gums. Later on as the child's teeth begin to sprout from the gum, you can introduce the use of a fluoridated toothpaste.

In terms of quantity, a "smear" of the paste would be adequate for children below two years. Older children of about five years will require a "pea-size" amount of paste for their brushing needs.

It is important to point out that there are special toothbrushes designed for milk teeth. Such brushes are the best for your child or children

It is very important to take care of your child's dental health in the developmental stages of teeth.  

The three questions answered above are among many questions that parents commonly ask with regards to their children's dental health. Any additional inquiries can be directed to your dentist.