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With a family to raise and plenty of challenges at work, I used to forget about my health. My dental health was especially neglected for a few years. I was working with a tight budget for quite a few years, so I assumed I couldn't afford costly dental care items like fancy toothpaste and high speed electric brushes. After a visit to my dentist that was long overdue, I found out that I didn't need to spend a lot to keep my teeth in good shape. In fact, it was actually far more expensive to forget about oral health because it increased my bills at the dentist! Now I've built an entire blog around keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and I've got plenty of advice to give for budget-minded people.



3 Tips To Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Young Kids

As a parent, you know the importance of good oral hygiene, but many toddlers and young children may balk at teeth brushing. Obviously you can't let your children not brush their teeth or have their teeth brushed, but there are several ways that you can make it more fun and instill the importance of good oral health from a young age. Use the following tips to help your children keep their teeth and mouths healthy:

Let Your Child Pick Out a Toothbrush

A lot of toddlers and young kids give their parents problems when it comes to brushing because they want a sense of control and independence. You can give your child a little bit of control and help promote regular brushing by allowing your child to pick out his or own toothbrush. There are a wide variety of toothbrushes designed for children available; take your child to the store and let him or her pick out the toothbrush that is most appealing. Allowing your child to select his or her own toothbrush is likely to help make your child want to use it.

Don't Make Brushing Seem Like a Chore

Time may be scarce in the morning or around bedtime, but try your best to plan for extra time when it comes to tooth brushing. Instead of giving your child orders and dictating that he or she brush his or her teeth now, try allowing your child a few extra minutes to hold the tooth brush, and then brush his or her teeth without assistance. This gives your child a sense of accomplishment and independence, which may make him or her more open to brushing when asked. The majority of toddlers and young children do not have the ability to properly brush by themselves, so make sure you finish up the brushing yourself to ensure that each tooth and the gums are clean.

Play a Fun Song When it is Time to Brush Teeth

One challenge that many parents face is getting their child to spend the appropriate time needed to properly clean the gums and teeth. You can help change that habit by playing a fun song when its time to brush, and teach your child that he or she must continue brushing until the music stops. This can make brushing seem like a fun game, and as your child grows older it will become ingrained to brush for a certain amount of time.

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