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Amalgam Filling Aftercare: Dos And Don'ts For Patients

These days, amalgam (silver) fillings aren't quite as popular as composite (white) fillings, but they are still a rather common choice--especially for those who are uninsured and looking for a durable yet affordable filling option. Whether you're planning on having an amalgam filling done in the near future or have recently done so, there are some aftercare tips that you should be aware of and follow. Doing so will protect your teeth and fillings for years to come and reduce the risk of complication.

DO Watch Your Bite

When your filling is done, your dentist will probably check your bite by having you bite down onto a small piece of foam. However, because your mouth will likely be numb at the time this is done, it's not always 100% accurate. When the numbness wears off, then, be sure to let your dentist know if your bite feels "off," as this is something that will need to be addressed immediately.

DON'T Chew for a Day

Unlike composite fillings, amalgam fillings typically require about a day to fully set once they've been done. During this time, then, it's recommended that patients avoid chewing on the affected side of the mouth--especially when it comes to hard or sticky foods. Otherwise, you could run the risk of dislodging your new filling and needing to have it redone.

DO Expect Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is the most common complication patients tend to encounter after having an amalgam filling done. Therefore, don't be surprised if you experience some sensitivity when eating or drinking very hot or very cold liquids/foods. This should go away within a few weeks; if it doesn't, contact your dentist to have the filling analyzed and the proper treatment performed.

DON'T Fail to Mention Grinding

Finally, if you tend to grind your teeth while you're sleeping, be sure to let your dentist know about this before you have an amalgam filling done. Your dentist will most likely want to have a mouth guard made for you that will help to relieve the pressure on your teeth--especially on the tooth with the amalgam filing--to protect it from unnecessary stress, wear, and tear.

Overall, amalgam fillings can be a great choice for those looking for an affordable and quality cavity treatment. By following these aftercare tips, patients can help to ensure a long life for their new fillings and protect their teeth as well. For more information, contact a dentist like those at Stoney Mountain Dental Care.