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Dental FAQs: 4 Odd Things That Are Causing Your Bad Breath

Your mouth and teeth play an important role in your day-to-day life. Having a clean, healthy, and white smile is important—especially if you have a big interview or date coming up. If your smile looks good, but your breath is off-putting, you might be suffering from Halitosis.

Fortunately, bad breath isn't something you have to live with. Improved oral hygiene and diet can help eliminate bad breath. But if that doesn't do it, consider eliminating these four things that might be causing your mouth odor:

1. Sugar, Gum, and Mints

A lot of people use gum and mints to hide their foul breath. While these items do help temporarily, they might be causing your bad breath later on. This is because bacteria thrives on sugar, and many of the gums and mints available today contain large amounts of sugar. If you do want to use a mint or gum to freshen your breath, consider using a sugar-free brand so that the bacteria in your mouth doesn't go crazy when it's gone.

2. Acidic Foods

Like sugar, acidic foods cause the bacteria in the mouth to multiply faster. Common acidic foods that people eat include soda, tomato juice, juices, and ketchup. However, chocolate and butter are also considered acidic. When you eat these foods, you increase the bacteria in your mouth and worsen your breath. So ditch all acidic foods to improve your breath—or at least eat them in moderation. As always, brush and floss afterwards to prevent bad breath.

3. Mouthwash

It might sound odd, but mouthwash may actually be the culprit of your bad breath. Most mouthwash brands contain alcohol to kill off germs and bacteria. While the mouthwash does freshen breath and reduce bacteria, it's only temporary. Once the freshness is gone, your mouth dries out due to the alcohol. A drier mouth is more susceptible to bacteria, which increases the chances of having bad breath. To prevent a dry mouth and get fresher breath, opt for an alcohol-free mouthwash.

4. Medications

Finally, you might be suffering from bad breath due to your medications. Some medications can cause your breath to smell foul, while others cause dry mouth; and that causes bad breath, too. If you believe medications are causing your bad breath, talk to your dentist about a prescription mouthwash which can help freshen your breath and increase saliva production.

There are many reasons for bad breath. If you have tried eliminating all of the above from your lifestyle, talk to your dentist (like those at Barrhaven Robinson Dental Care) or doctor for more information on freshening your breath.