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Healthier Teeth On a Budget

With a family to raise and plenty of challenges at work, I used to forget about my health. My dental health was especially neglected for a few years. I was working with a tight budget for quite a few years, so I assumed I couldn't afford costly dental care items like fancy toothpaste and high speed electric brushes. After a visit to my dentist that was long overdue, I found out that I didn't need to spend a lot to keep my teeth in good shape. In fact, it was actually far more expensive to forget about oral health because it increased my bills at the dentist! Now I've built an entire blog around keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and I've got plenty of advice to give for budget-minded people.



What’s Dry Socket? (And Why Does It Hurt So Badly?)

How can a dental emergency go from bad to worse? When you have a tooth extracted, you can end up with a painful complication called "dry socket" that can leave you feeling worse than you did before your tooth was removed. Learn more about this dental dilemma and how to prevent it. What Is A "Dry Socket"? The technical term for "dry socket" is alveolar osteitis, and it effects between 3% - 5% of patients after a tooth extraction. Read More 

Three Commonly Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Health

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dental practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments that affect children. A pediatric dentist has to undergo additional training in areas such as child psychology in order to enable him or her to treat children with ease. Oral health care for your young ones is different from yours. Here are answers to three commonly asked questions about children's oral health What Is the Importance of Milk Teeth to My Child's Dental Health? Read More